Berry Linux – Bootable CD Linux

Berry Linux – New Technology OS – Archive Version


  • Berry Linux 0.95 released. (2009.1.30)
  • Berry Linux based on Fedora 10 from 0.94.
  • Now Berry has a new forum. (2008.9.2)
  • Berry Linux based on Fedora 9 from 0.91.
  • Berry Linux Mini 0.90 released. (2008.5.20)
  • I uploaded a revision which fixes problems with booting. The cause is in a wrong kernel.(2008.2.24)
  • I received the information that Berry Linux 0.88 doesn’t boot. I think the cause is new kernel’s option. So I’ll release a revision as soon as possible. (2008.2.23)
  • I uploaded a revision which fixes problems with a PS/2 mouse. But if you can’t use a PS/2 mouse yet, type the next command on console. # modprobe psmouse (2007.6.22)
  • I received a bug report that on some machines, PS/2 mice have problems in Berry Linux 0.81. I’m studying the cause now. (2007.6.14)
  • A bug was found in squashfs. Movement in Berry Linux 0.75-0.77 may become unstable. (2007.1.3)
  • USB-HDD/Keys are automatically recognized by Berry Linux from 0.61.
  • Squashfs is used instead of cloop from 0.57.
  • Dwonloading from is sometimes fails. Please check md5sum.
  • X boots in 24 bit mode from 0.54.
  • The design of the Berry Linux Homepage was modified. (2005.1.8)
  • Password of root is ‚root‘. (from 0.51)
  • Berry Linux supports the Overlay File System from 0.51. (This means that you can WRITE some software on the BERRY CD-ROM)
  • Berry Linux can boot from USB-HDD/Key from 0.50.
  • I’m very busy now. So I may not reply your e-mail, sorry. But I’d like to reply e-mail as soon as possible.

What’s Berry Linux ?

berry-0.76-03Berry Linux is a bootable CD that features, automatic hardware detection. It supports many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI, USB, and other peripherals. If you have network devices, DHCP is auto-configured so you can use the Internet.
You can enjoy OpenOffice, the MS Office compatible office suite. The GIMP can be used to edit pictures and is included in Berry Linux.
Berry Linux can be used as a Linux demo, Educational CD, or a rescue system. Because it is a bootable CD, you can try it out without touching your hard drive. If you like it, there is an option to install Berry Linux on your hard disk. (Needs 1.7GB of free space. Using the Berry Linux Installer) Berry Linux is based on Red Hat Fedora.

Special Thanks!!

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Documents Development: Takashi Hosono; Masato Arakane
Pictures: Fabien Samson (France); Ed Seling