Getting started with Berry Linux

How is Berry Linux started ?

To start the CD, set up the BIOS of your computer to boot off the CD, put the CD in the drive, and power up the computer. If your computer doesn’t support this option, you have to use a boot disk. You can create this disk from the image in BERRY/boot-fd.img on the CD.
Note: If you want to use English mode, type „berry lang=us“ at the first boot screen.

Where can I get the Berry Linux CD ?

You can download from Berry Linux Project Homepage.
Berry Linux RPM/SRPM (Source Packages) download from this.
The other Packages download from Red Hat.

How to make Berry Linux CD from ISO file ?

You can use CD Manipulator or DeepBurner. Refer to this.(Japanese)

Run follow command on Linux:
# cdrecord -v dev=0,0,0 speed=6 -pad -dao berry-x.xx.iso