Troubleshooting with Berry Linux

How to change the resolution

 -- Method 1
*Please try to run the command from console.
$ xrandr -s 1024x768

 -- Method 2 (for Live CD)
*Or please try to add boot option.
1. Boot from BERRY CD.
2. Type 'e' on 'Berry Linux (English version)' at grub's screen.
3. Type ' screen=1600x1200' and Enter and 'b'.

How to change mouse settings

Please view /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
And confirm the following lines in 'ServerLayout' section.

InputDevice "USB Mouse" "CorePointer"
InputDevice "PS/2 Mouse" "CorePointer"

If not, add it.

How to fix broken Master Boot Record

If you accidentally used BERRY Installer in the wrong way
and your computer doesn't boot your former operating system,
you may try

lilo -M /dev/hda ext -S /dev/null (Linux)

This will overwrite master boot record of hda harddisk (primary master)
and will setup your computer to start operating system from the partition
with "boot" flag. You can use "mbr" argument instead of "ext" if you're
sure that the operating system is on one of the first 4 partitions.

If you don't know how to use Linux commands at all, or if you just
need to fix MBR for Windows operating system, boot Windows install
CD and run Recovery console instead of the installation. It's usually
started by pressing R in Windows XP install. When you have the console,
type "fixmbr" and confirm by Enter.

fixboot (Windows 2000/XP, use recovery console)

fdisk /mbr (Windows 98/Me, use boot disc)

Can’t burn DVD with K3b or growisofs

# growisofs -Z dvd.iso
:-( unable to anonymously mmap 33554432: Resource temporarily unavailable

If you get an error and can't burn DVD,
you should type the command below and run K3B or growisofs again.

# ulimit -l unlimited

Can’t use USB keyboard with grub

BIOSの設定で「USB Legacy Device Support」を「ON」、
または「USB Keyboard Support Via」を「BIOS」に設定してください。