Berry Linux’s Boot Options

You can specify options at the first boot screen.

cdrom (0.79-)Berry Linux boots from a CD-ROM. When it boots from hard disk, you don’t use this option. (default)
boot=cdromBerry Linux boots from a CD-ROM. When it boots from hard disk, you don’t use this option. (default)
berry_dir=/BERRY/BERRYBerry Linux looks for the system file of BERRY from a specified path.
berry_home=/BERRY/berry.img, overlay=/BERRY/berry.img, overlay=ramBerry Linux looks for the image file, data storage area, of BERRY from a specified path.
from=hda1, discs/disc0/part1Berry Linux boots from this specified device.
noxsetupBerry Linux doesn’t use automatic detection for X.
nodhcpDo not use DHCP.
ime=cannaUse Canna instead of WHIZ. (Only Canna installed version.)
ime=freewnnUse FreeWnn instead of WHIZ. (Only FreeWnn installed version.)
lang=de,be,bg,ch,cn,cs,czSpecify default language. (ex lang=uk)
lang=dk,da,es,fi,fr,he,ilSpecify default language. (ex lang=uk)
lang=it,nl,pl,ru,sk,tr,tw,uk,ja,usSpecify default language. (ex lang=uks)
desktop=kde,rasp,fluxbox,wmakerUse specified WindowManager instead of KDE. (wmaker can’t use)
screen=1024×480Use specified Screen resolution for X.
xvrefresh=60Use 60 Hz vertical refresh rate for X (Under development)
xmodule=ati,fbdev,i810,mga,nvUse specified XFree4-Module. (Under development)
xmodule=radeon,savage,s3,svga,trident,vesaUse specified XFree4-Module. (Under development)
myconfRun „“, setting of personality, from a floppy
myconf=/dev/hda1Run „“ from a partition
myconf=scanTry to find „“ automatically
home=/dev/hda1/berry.imgMount loopback file as /home/berry. (Under development)
home=scanTry to find berry homedir automatic. (Under development)
noapicNo use APIC.
noagpNo use AGP.
noapmNo use APM. (only Kernel-2.4)
noaudioDon’t search sound device.
noddcUnder development
nofirewireNo use Firewire.
nopcmciaNo use PCMCIA.
noraidNo use RAID system.
noscsiNo use SCSI device.
noswapNo use SWAP.
nousbNo use USB.
nodmaNo use DMA.
pci=irqmask=0x0e98For Notebooks, if PS/2 mouse doesn’t work.
pci=biosWorkaround for bad PCI controllers.
ide2=0x180 nopcmciaBoot from PCMCIA-CD. (transmeta notebooks)
mem=128MSpecify Memory size in MByte
noejectDo NOT eject CD after halt. (Under development)
nopromptDo NOT prompt to remove the CD.
vga=normalNo-framebuffer mode.
wheelmouseEnable IMPS/2 protocol for wheelmice. (Under development)
nowheelmouseForce plain PS/2 protocol for PS/2-mouse. (Under development)
fb1280x1024Use fixed framebuffer graphics. (Under development)
keyboard=us,jaUse different keyboard. (text)
xkeyboard=us,jaUse different keyboard. (X)
utcUse Universal Coordinated Time, UTC.
gmtUse Universal Coordinated Time, UTC.
expertInteractive setup for experts. (Under development)
host=hostnameChange the hostname.
ip= static IP.
usb2Use ehci-hcd.
setxmode (0.84-)Berry Linux sets MODE in xorg.conf.
toramBerry Linux copies whole system to a ram at boot time.