Berry Linux’s Boot Options

You can specify options at the first boot screen.

cdrom (0.79-) Berry Linux boots from a CD-ROM. When it boots from hard disk, you don’t use this option. (default)
boot=cdrom Berry Linux boots from a CD-ROM. When it boots from hard disk, you don’t use this option. (default)
berry_dir=/BERRY/BERRY Berry Linux looks for the system file of BERRY from a specified path.
berry_home=/BERRY/berry.img, overlay=/BERRY/berry.img, overlay=ram Berry Linux looks for the image file, data storage area, of BERRY from a specified path.
from=hda1, discs/disc0/part1 Berry Linux boots from this specified device.
noxsetup Berry Linux doesn’t use automatic detection for X.
nodhcp Do not use DHCP.
ime=canna Use Canna instead of WHIZ. (Only Canna installed version.)
ime=freewnn Use FreeWnn instead of WHIZ. (Only FreeWnn installed version.)
lang=de,be,bg,ch,cn,cs,cz Specify default language. (ex lang=uk)
lang=dk,da,es,fi,fr,he,il Specify default language. (ex lang=uk)
lang=it,nl,pl,ru,sk,tr,tw,uk,ja,us Specify default language. (ex lang=uks)
desktop=kde,rasp,fluxbox,wmaker Use specified WindowManager instead of KDE. (wmaker can’t use)
screen=1024×480 Use specified Screen resolution for X.
xvrefresh=60 Use 60 Hz vertical refresh rate for X (Under development)
xmodule=ati,fbdev,i810,mga,nv Use specified XFree4-Module. (Under development)
xmodule=radeon,savage,s3,svga,trident,vesa Use specified XFree4-Module. (Under development)
myconf Run „“, setting of personality, from a floppy
myconf=/dev/hda1 Run „“ from a partition
myconf=scan Try to find „“ automatically
home=/dev/hda1/berry.img Mount loopback file as /home/berry. (Under development)
home=scan Try to find berry homedir automatic. (Under development)
noapic No use APIC.
noagp No use AGP.
noapm No use APM. (only Kernel-2.4)
noaudio Don’t search sound device.
noddc Under development
nofirewire No use Firewire.
nopcmcia No use PCMCIA.
noraid No use RAID system.
noscsi No use SCSI device.
noswap No use SWAP.
nousb No use USB.
nodma No use DMA.
pci=irqmask=0x0e98 For Notebooks, if PS/2 mouse doesn’t work.
pci=bios Workaround for bad PCI controllers.
ide2=0x180 nopcmcia Boot from PCMCIA-CD. (transmeta notebooks)
mem=128M Specify Memory size in MByte
noeject Do NOT eject CD after halt. (Under development)
noprompt Do NOT prompt to remove the CD.
vga=normal No-framebuffer mode.
wheelmouse Enable IMPS/2 protocol for wheelmice. (Under development)
nowheelmouse Force plain PS/2 protocol for PS/2-mouse. (Under development)
fb1280x1024 Use fixed framebuffer graphics. (Under development)
keyboard=us,ja Use different keyboard. (text)
xkeyboard=us,ja Use different keyboard. (X)
utc Use Universal Coordinated Time, UTC.
gmt Use Universal Coordinated Time, UTC.
expert Interactive setup for experts. (Under development)
host=hostname Change the hostname.
ip= Specify static IP.
usb2 Use ehci-hcd.
setxmode (0.84-) Berry Linux sets MODE in xorg.conf.
toram Berry Linux copies whole system to a ram at boot time.